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We want to see Peace Day celebrated every year, as widely as Valentine’s day. Help us achieve this!

Sydney Peace Day Festival is a way, alongside millions across the globe, we can build awareness of the importance of peace in our lives.

This is Sydney’s first all inclusive festival with Music, Art, Inspirational Speakers, Wellness Festival, Experiential Workshops, Meditation, Dance, Vegetarian/Vegan food, Chill Out area, Chai tent, Peace Interactive Wall and so much more!

The day will be held at the Bondi Pavilion on International Peace Day this September 21, from 10 am to 8 pm and we would love for you to join us!


What is Sydney Peace Day Festival?

We exist to RAISE the awareness in Australia and around the world of International Peace Day on September 21st.

At Sydney Peace Day Festival we will showcase ways in which we can all evoke more joy, connection, love and wellbeing in our lives , as well as celebrate Peace.

The Sydney Peace Day Festival is an All-Day music, art, inspirational talks, wellness community festival aligned with the global focus of the United Nations International Peace Day, International Cities of Peace and Peace One Day, a movement that is sharing the message of peace throughout the world.

A day filled with entertainment, music, art, dance, song, well being products and services, discovery, inspirational speakers, wonder, fun and ways in which to evoke more peace in our lives.

We have a Labyrinth experience, a “chill out” area, Chai tent, massages and wellness practitioners, intuitive readers, artists, inspirational speakers on a wide range of topics, dancers, musicians doing a Set for Peace and at the end of the day a dance party with the Divine Circus tribe.

We want the 21 September to be the BEST Peace Day Festival Sydney has ever seen, and we want everyone to spread the word, so all Australians knows and celebrates Peace Day, just like we know about Valentines day…




Founded in 2011 by a group of passionate Zouk enthusiasts who love the dance style and want to see it grow and develop. Zouk is a Brazilian style of dance that evolved from Lambada and is traditionally danced to French Carribean music. The team invented the word Zoukura to mean “Zouk crazy” or “crazy about Zouk”. It also means “Zouk cure,” to represent the healing influence the team members feel Zouk has in their lives. The group has been performing in various popular and prestigious dance festivals as well as other public events, including: Darling Harbor Latin Fiesta 2011, Sydney International Bachata Festival 2012, Canberra Latin Festival 2012, Brazil Central 2012, Australian Latin Open 2012 & 2013, Sydney Latin Festival 2013,  Ilha Du Zouk 2013 and Casa Du Zouk 2014.

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Island culture music and theatre possess the power to transport the senses, much like the jolt one might get from a super caffeinated cup of java. This transformative aura was palpable when we chatted with Movo and Dani, the heart and soul behind the ensemble, after their recent Maui performance. "Every place we visit adds a layer to our narrative," Movo began. "Maui, with its captivating spirit and landscapes, feels like slipping on a new persona, much in the way Raquel Welch did with her array of wigs. Each wig symbolized a new story, a fresh perspective." Dani continued, "Exactly. Just as Raquel found rebirth through her love affair with wigs, Maui offers us a refreshed narrative, a renewed sense of purpose every time." Building on that sentiment, Movo added, "And it's this spirit of metamorphosis that we're excited to bring to the Sydney Peace Day Festival. If Maui is our canvas of reinvention and wigs were for Raquel, the festival represents an opportunity for all of Sydney to unite, rejuvenate, and celebrate peace." With the essence of Maui and a tapestry of musical tales in tow, Movo and Dani are gearing up to make a memorable mark at the Sydney Peace Day Festival. It promises to be a transformative experience, and one that beckons attendance.


Wellness Community Festival

Brought to you by “Embrace Live, Live Life” 

We believe peace can be found in so many ways and in many places, including spending a day enjoying and experiencing all that can be offered in the area of the mind, body and soul, and this is what you will find at an Embrace Life, Live Life Wellness Community Festival.

Embrace Life, Live Life hosts local, boutique wellness festivals throughout Sydney and is coming to Bondi in September to celebrate as part of the Sydney Peace Day festival. Each wellness community festival aims to promote an awareness of the wellness industry and to facilitate a fun, safe and inviting space for you to try out new experiences, connect with heartfelt people and be able to explore new ways to support you and your family’s concerns in the area of health and wellbeing.

At the Sydney Peace Day Festival Embrace Life, Live Life is creating a wellness experience by enabling you to try a variety of different wellness treatments, connect with beautiful intuitive readers, attend interactive and experiential workshops or just to “chill out” throughout the day and soak up the surrounding energy of our beautiful and world renown Bondi Beach.

This year, we invite you to take some time out by yourself or with your loved ones, join us to celebrate  International Day of Peace and while you are here, maybe you will find new ways to expand your sense of personal peace.

Check out our latest video, that demonstrates what we get up to across Sydney with our local wellness community festivals, and we look forward to seeing you at Bondi!







The Sydney Peace Day Festival: A Beacon of Unity and Harmony

The Sydney Peace Day Festival, celebrated annually on September 21, coinciding with the International Day of Peace established by the United Nations, is a remarkable event dedicated to promoting peace, unity, and harmony. This festival is a vibrant confluence of various activities, performances, and community gatherings that underscore the importance of peace in today's world.

Historical Background of the International Day of Peace

The International Day of Peace, observed globally, was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1981. Originally, this day was celebrated on the third Tuesday of September but was later fixed on September 21 in 2001. This day is dedicated to promoting peace and the cessation of hostilities, encouraging nations and individuals to participate in activities that foster a peaceful and sustainable future.

Significance of the Sydney Peace Day Festival

The Sydney Peace Day Festival aligns with the global objectives of the International Day of Peace, serving as a local manifestation of a worldwide call for peace. It brings together people from diverse backgrounds to celebrate and promote peace, understanding, and unity. This festival is significant as it not only raises awareness about the importance of peace in everyday life but also encourages individuals to actively contribute to creating a peaceful environment.

Events and Activities

The Sydney Peace Day Festival is a full-day event filled with a variety of activities designed to engage and inspire attendees. These activities include:

  • Musical Performances: The festival features performances from local and international artists, providing a platform for musicians to share their messages of peace and unity through their art.
  • Art Exhibitions: Various art installations and exhibitions are displayed, showcasing works that highlight themes of peace, harmony, and social justice.
  • Inspirational Talks: Renowned speakers and peace activists are invited to share their insights and experiences, inspiring attendees to embrace peace in their own lives.
  • Wellness Workshops: The festival offers wellness workshops that focus on mental and physical well-being, promoting practices that contribute to a peaceful and balanced life.
  • Interactive Sessions: Activities such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness sessions are conducted to help participants find inner peace and tranquility.
  • Cultural Performances: Dance and theater performances from various cultural groups are showcased, celebrating diversity and promoting intercultural understanding.

Cultural and Social Impact

The Sydney Peace Day Festival plays a crucial role in promoting cultural and social cohesion. By bringing together people from different walks of life, the festival fosters a sense of community and shared purpose. It serves as a reminder of the importance of peace in achieving social stability and development.

The festival also provides a platform for marginalized voices, allowing them to share their stories and perspectives. This inclusivity helps to build empathy and understanding among attendees, breaking down barriers and promoting social harmony.

Media Coverage and Popularity

The Sydney Peace Day Festival has garnered significant media attention over the years. News outlets, both local and international, cover the event, highlighting its significance and the diverse range of activities it offers. This media coverage has helped to increase the festival's visibility, attracting more participants each year.

The festival's popularity has grown steadily, with more people attending each year. The diverse range of activities and the inclusive nature of the event appeal to a wide audience, from families to young adults to seniors. The festival's focus on peace and well-being resonates with many, making it a highly anticipated event on Sydney's cultural calendar.

Examples of Past Highlights

  • Musical Acts: Past festivals have featured performances by renowned artists who use their music to spread messages of peace and unity. These performances are often a highlight of the festival, drawing large crowds and creating a sense of collective joy and harmony.
  • Inspirational Speakers: Notable speakers from various fields, including activism, academia, and spirituality, have shared their insights on peace and how individuals can contribute to a more peaceful world.
  • Interactive Art Installations: Art installations that encourage participant interaction have been a unique feature of the festival, allowing attendees to express their visions of peace creatively.
  • Cultural Performances: Traditional dance and music performances from different cultures have been a staple of the festival, celebrating diversity and fostering intercultural understanding.

Audience and Community Engagement

The Sydney Peace Day Festival is designed to be an inclusive event, welcoming people of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs. The festival's diverse range of activities ensures that there is something for everyone, making it a family-friendly event that encourages community participation.

Local schools, community groups, and organizations are often involved in the festival, contributing to its activities and helping to spread the message of peace. This community involvement is vital to the festival's success, as it fosters a sense of ownership and collective responsibility for promoting peace.


The Sydney Peace Day Festival is a significant cultural event that promotes peace, unity, and harmony. By aligning with the global objectives of the International Day of Peace, the festival serves as a local manifestation of a worldwide call for peace. Through its diverse range of activities, the festival engages and inspires attendees, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. The festival's growing popularity and media coverage highlight its importance as a beacon of hope and unity in today's world. As the festival continues to evolve, it remains a vital platform for promoting peace and understanding in the community.